Stationary Shelving

Stationary shelves are fixed in one place and can’t be easily moved or adjusted, providing a stable storage solution for libraries, offices, and more. Unlike mobile shelving or other storage units, stationary shelving is not prone to moving or shifting, which means it can support heavy loads and bulky items without collapsing or tipping over.

Shelving Frame Types

Rivet Pass-Through

This frame allows items to pass through from one side of the unit to the other without requiring a divider solution.

Rivet Back-To-Back

This type of racking setup is employed in scenarios where the stored weights require extra support at higher levels or in smaller stockroom spaces where each side of the unit is used for storing different types of items, such as hanging vs. folded items.

Rivet Split

Rivet Split shelving is a cost-effective racking setup implemented when identical items are being stored on both sides of the unit.

Hanging Storage

Hanging items are great for retail applications. Hanging prevents wrinkles and creases from folding. Easily replaced with shelving at any time.

Tab Style

Our shelving system features a 16-gauge steel frame and steel shelves for optimal durability. The pre-assembled uprights ensure a quick and hassle-free installation process with a back-to-back configuration so that each side can be independently adjusted without the need for any tools. This system is available in both mobile and static options.

Shelf Surface Options

Wire Grid

Wire grid shelving is a sturdy and lightweight option that meets most fire codes, as it allows extinguishing systems to reach more space.

Perforated Steel

Perforated steel shelving features shelves with 51% perforation through holes, making it sturdy and fire-resistant. It enables sprinkler systems to reach a larger area and is best suited for goods such as leather that could be indented by wire grid shelving.

Solid Steel

Solid steel shelving offers robust storage with a sophisticated look and secure support. It is also highly fire-resistant, making it an excellent choice for your storage needs.

Particle Board

Particle board shelving offers a sturdy, cost effective shelving solution. Amongst one of the most popular choices of shelving, going with particle board allows for shorter lead times and quicker installations.

Waterfall Deck

Waterfall deck surfaces provide enhanced strength and a secure fit by wrapping over the edge of your shelving. Its unique design allows for easy installation without requiring specialized tools.