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MMI Storage Solutions

MMI was founded in 1986 and began producing mobile systems in New Jersey, primarily for the media industry. The company name, Mobile Media, INC., was inspired by this focus. As the company grew in the mid-90s, it moved to the Hudson Valley in New York and expanded its market to include offices, libraries, and retail spaces. MMI partnered with various US manufacturers to provide shelves and shelving units but eventually brought these processes in-house. In 2007, the first warehouse was purchased near the assembly factory, strengthening MMI’s presence in the retail market sector.

By 2018, MMI had a large and diverse retail client portfolio and recognized the potential of mobile systems in the cannabis industry for increasing crop yield. Although the company experienced setbacks due to the Covid era, the owner decided to retire and sought a successor who would maintain the retail side of the business while supporting the agriculture side. Grow Generation was chosen as a partner, and on December 31st, 2021, they assumed ownership of MMI. This partnership brought valuable knowledge, resources, and support to the company’s division.

MMI remains committed to producing high-density mobile systems and supplying a range of shelving options, accessories, and services to any market in need of a vertical space-saving solution.