Storing products efficiently within a store, stockroom, or warehouse can be a difficult task to undertake. Smaller areas in shops and retail outlets need to utilize every inch of their space. Larger retail warehouses need to be very organized and easy to navigate to allow for efficient product placement and retrieval. No matter what size of storage space you have, our customizable solutions can be adapted to any space, providing maximum stock capacity while being practical and cost-effective.

Our Retail Solutions

Ladder Hangers

Ladder hangers are an accessory for end panels that can help you suspend large and bulky items, making the most out of your floor space and securely storing your products in your stockroom.

Security Doors

Security doors help keep high-value inventory safe and can be fitted onto static or mobile shelving for maximum security.


Dividers can organize items on stockroom shelves by separating them based on style, color, or material criteria. This helps to maintain an orderly and efficient storage system.

Hang Rods

Hang rods are an excellent solution for retail settings, providing an efficient means of storing clothes that are not suited to folding, such as delicate or wrinkle-prone materials.

High-Density Mobile Shelving

Customizable high-density mobile carriages are a versatile storage solution for storing inventory items, including clothing and shoes. They can be adapted to fit various storage fixtures.


End panel accessories such as hooks can be incredibly useful for storing items that do not lend themselves well to shelves or hang rods. Depending on your needs, different styles of hooks can be implemented with Slatwall, pegboard, or attached directly to a J-bar.

Employee Lockers

Lockers are a helpful way to ensure that employees can keep their personal belongings secure while they work, providing peace of mind and allowing them to focus on their tasks without worrying about their possessions.

Manager's Desks

A manager’s desk can be invaluable for keeping a stockroom manager organized, especially in a fast-paced environment. Managers can focus more on streamlining operations and increasing workplace efficiency with an organized workspace.

Marking Boards

Marking boards can be used to keep a stockroom efficient. Using these can help employees communicate directions or label certain sections of shelving, allowing for quick and accurate accessibility of stocked items.

Standards & Brackets

Standards and brackets are static shelving that maximizes available wall space, offering a practical storage solution in areas with limited floor space.