MMI Storage Solutions provides customized accessories that cater to your space and needs. Every shelving unit can be tailored to your requirements with our accessories, whether it be additional hanging space for supplies or a sturdy, lightweight solid panel to divide units. Our range of accessories offers unique storage solutions and organizational tools to optimize your spaces, no matter how distinct they are.

End Panels


Melamine is a type of hard plastic material that is made by combining melamine resin and formaldehyde under high pressure and heat, resulting in a durable and heat-resistant material. Melamine is a popular choice for end panels because it is lightweight and durable.


Gridwall is a panel made of metal wire with a grid pattern. Accessories such as hooks, shelves, and brackets can be easily attached to the gridwall panels to hang and display items such as retail items or stockroom supplies.


Pegboard is a board made of wood or metal with evenly spaced holes drilled into it. These holes are designed to accommodate pegs or hooks that can hang and organize various items, making pegboard an excellent choice for maximizing storage.


Masonite is a type of hardboard made from wood fibers that have been compressed under high pressure and temperature. The resulting board is dense, durable, and smooth, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Dry Erase Boards

Dry erase boards are smooth surfaces that can be written on with dry erase markers and then easily erased with a dry cloth or eraser. They are commonly used as a tool for presenting information, brainstorming, and collaborating.


Acrylic is a transparent plastic material that is similar in appearance to glass but is lighter and more durable. It is commonly used in a variety of applications due to its versatility and durability.

Additional Accessories

MMI not only provides exceptional storage systems but also offers an extensive range of accessories that can enhance the daily workflow of store team members. Whether you require secure storage options such as safes and lockers or workflow-focused tools like magnetic labels for efficient inventory management, MMI has a comprehensive solution for your needs.