As the cannabis industry continues to expand across the nation, having top-of-the-line dispensary storage is more important than ever. Our retail solutions fit seamlessly into a dispensary application, making our custom storage solutions perfect for dispensaries looking for storage and organization options that increase product shelf-life, storeroom and storefront efficiency, and overall profit.

Dispensary Storage Solutions

Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving is mounted on wheels or tracks, allowing the shelving to move from side to side and creating compact and space-saving storage. These shelves can be moved manually or with a mechanical system, making them a versatile and efficient storage solution for many spaces.

Stationary Shelving

Stationary shelves offer a stable storage solution for many applications. They are fixed in place and will not move or shift, making stationary shelving a good choice for heavy and fragile inventory.

Mobile Carriage Options

Locking/foot brakes, spacers, and track decking seamlessly integrate into your system for safety, efficiency, and appearance.

Shelving Customization

We offer many options to customize your shelving, including dividers, bins, shelving splits, and hang rods.

End Panels

End panels can serve functional or aesthetic purposes and can be made of various materials, including pegboard, Slatwall, plexiglass, laminate, masonite, melamine, steel, and grid wall.

End Panel Accessories

Our end panel accessories provide additional customization for your organizational needs, including ladder hangers, marking boards, slat and peg hooks, and collapsible tables.


Lockers offer employees the peace of mind to keep their belongings safe while they work, enabling them to focus on their tasks. Our lockers are available in many tiers, quantities, and colors. They can also be equipped with padlock, digital, c-thru, or ADA-compliant options.

Security Cages, Fencing, & Doors

Our security options are designed to secure spaces of any size and safeguard inventory and supplies, guaranteeing optimal safety.